black bean brownies

I have a major sweet tooth. It’s truly been an uphill battle, fighting my cravings in pursuit of a healthy diet. Lucky for me, people on the World Wide Web are incredibly resourceful. Case in point: Chocolate Covered Katie. She’s the mastermind behind a mind-boggling number of healthy, vegan, accessible and (most importantly) delicious dessert recipes.

I’ve been bookmarking her recipes left and right, and could not wait to try this particular one out! Vegan, flourless chocolate chip brownies. And get this: the secret ingredient is black beans. I’m glad I wasted no time in making them. I can’t decide what the best part is… The fact that all the ingredients were in my pantry? Knowing that the brownies were relatively low calorie and high in protein? Perhaps that they were so very simple to make? No, my friends… it’s that they were incredibly, decadently delicious. What more could you ask for?

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