chocolate chip oatmeal cookie pancakes

I know — three healthy recipes in a row? Despite what it may seem, my life is certainly not a never-ending series of delicious homemade meals (though one can dream…).

These chocolate chip oatmeal cookie pancakes, without hyperbole, has to be one of my favorite recipes thus far — vegan and gluten-free or not! This is my ideal breakfast: incredibly moist, texturally interesting, guilt-free pancakes with just the right hint of sweetness and decadence. The magic is thanks to the hearty oats, unbeatable combination of banana and nut butter, and (of course) chocolate.

A million thank-yous to The Minimalist Baker, whose recipe can be found here. We used oat as our choice of flour and substituted peanut butter for the almond.

I truly cannot wait to make these again.

3 thoughts on “chocolate chip oatmeal cookie pancakes

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