a weekend in Tahoe

This past weekend, Jay and I went on a couples’ retreat to Tahoe! Well, correction: we went with six of our friends, who all happened to be in romantic pairs. We spent our time in the absolutely amazing Chalet de Celeste. If you can believe it, its interior was even nicer than its exterior — which explains why we spent most of our times indoors.

It was a weekend of total indulgence. We ate as though each meal was our last. To those who may not know us well, this meant each dinner had at least three courses of dessert. Below, some documentation of our glorious gluttony.

Our first dinner at the house: chicken and steak tacos. Everything was made from scratch this weekend. Our digs were equipped with a fabulous grill, of which we took full advantage.

One of the desserts on the first night was a wonderfully rich, yet texturally light, chocolate mousse made of tofu. K whipped up a batch topped with orange zest — my new favorite flavor combination. I now must acquire a zester as a direct result of this weekend.

Here we have our first day of breakfast! Baguettes, soft egg scramble with celery, sweet potato hash, chocolate chip oatmeal cookie pancakes, and grilled sweet italian chicken sausages (from True Story – a seriously wonderful brand) and smart dogs. It should be mentioned here that K brought produce from his CSA box and eggs from his hens to share. Delicious.

Our next meal, if you can believe it, was the most elaborate. Our final dinner at the chalet consisted of: roasted parsnips and carrots; an incredible citrus homemade salad; mango chicken salad; quinoa and brown rice simmered in chicken stock; vegetables, salsa, and cabbage; and marinated and grilled tri-tip steak. Pure decadence. Some close-ups of the goodness:

But the beat goes on… after taking a stroll around our woodsy neighborhood to walk off the calories, we returned for a four course dessert session. No pictures this time — we were too deep in a food coma to remember to whip out our cameras. Just imagine: cinnamon roll bread pudding with homemade dulce de leche ice cream; mango sorbet; and s’mores with dark chocolate.

And finally — our farewell breakfast feast.

Ever resourceful, we used our leftovers (of which we had many!) in our breakfast feast. We whipped up an eggy breakfast “risotto” (cooked with last night’s quinoa and brown rice) and breathed some warmth into leftovers. Freshly made were more of those delicious chicken sausages and smart dogs — and yes, Belgian waffles, expertly crafted using C and B’s waffle maker!

And so we conclude our eating adventures… It was a weekend of incredible indulgence. We even snacked between our grand feasts (cheese plates, crackers, cookies, chips – it was a world of carbs). I had previously been moderating my sugar intake, but now I found myself hooked again on the wonderful world of sweets. I even snacked on chocolate chips on our way home. Was it worth it? Yes, my friends… it really was.


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