food favorites

Two questions:

1. Isn’t it weird when you really, truly believe you can be someone’s friend, just from reading their posts online? Well, weird I am, because that’s how I feel about Tim Mazurek of Lottie + Doof. Tim’s writing is often meditative, often witty, and always fun. It goes without saying that his photographic styling and culinary tastes are excellent.

2. Do you remember those online surveys that were extremely popular a few years ago, during the advent of MySpace? As vain and silly as they were, I remember thinking they were pretty entertaining, especially when the questions were offbeat. Tim has been posing a particularly interesting “foodie” survey to others in the industry. Naturally, I took it upon myself to take it.

Sweet or salty?

Sweet! I love balance, but there’s no contest if I had to choose a side.

Chocolate or vanilla?


Hot (spicy) or mild?

Spicy. As a child, I loved blandness (isn’t that strange)? Now, the more flavor and intensity, the better.

What won’t you eat?

There are exceptions, but I typically won’t eat cheese or onions. A disgrace, I know.

Most memorable meal?

A nutella crepe, topped with lychee gelato and mandarin oranges, from Sophie’s Crepes in Japantown. I had a truly exceptional food moment with that dessert.

Favorite object in your kitchen?

My Microplane zester.

What are you scared of in the kitchen?

Undercooking meat. I also get very anxious when cooking and serving food to large parties.

Do you prefer to cook alone or with others?

I love cooking with others when there’s a system or delegation of tasks in place (though there’s nothing more stressful than a ton of people in an uncontrolled kitchen)!

Where would you like to travel to for the food?

I’d love to go to Japan.

If you were a fruit or vegetable, what would you be?

I’d almost certainly be a fruit, and probably a stone one at that. A white nectarine, perhaps?


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