it’s over.

I never have to eat another thing on this planet again. I’ve officially had the Best Baked Good in Existence. Seriously.

This pinnacle of glutenous (gluttonous?) glory is made by Arizmendi Bakery, a worker-owned family of bakeries in the Bay Area. There’s much to love about Arizmendi — its naturally sourced ingredients, its egalitarian business sense, its warm community vibe — but my passion is strongest for one magical product: their chocolate mint chip cookie.

The cookie is everything I could ever want in a baked good. Its textures are varied: a chunky, crispy exterior with delectable nuggets of chocolate throughout a perfectly chewy center. The richness of the chocolate is balanced sublimely by the cool, smooth notes of mint. It tastes like ice cream and everything that is wonderful in this world.

The best part? The cookie tastes so sinfully decadent and the edges are so delightfully crunchy that I’d have thought it was made with mass amounts of butter. In truth, the cookie is vegan. Sure, it’s a small concession considering that, at the end of the day, I’m still eating a cookie the size of my face… but again, folks, this is the Best Baked Good in Existence. Its relative health factor is only the metaphorical icing on top of a very, very delicious cake cookie.

I can’t stop thinking about it. I love it. I crave it. I need it. I’m done for.

Arizmendi Bakery
1331 9th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94122


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