Tomales Bay

Back in May, Jay and I went on a day trip to Point Reyes — an expanse of coastal beauty just north of San Francisco. Our friends had done their research and found an amazingly scenic 9.5-mile hike: Tomales Point Trailhead. The minute we arrived, we were up to our eyeballs in Northern Californian nature. More pictures after the jump!

As these photos (taken by a cheap Walgreen’s disposable camera, no less!) can testify, the trail was unbelievably picturesque. We took our sweet time (about 5 hours total), soaking in the sights and sounds: swaths of wildflowers, herds of tule elk, circling hawks, furry fat caterpillars, outlandish looking shrubs, dramatic rocky bluffs… gorgeousness all around.

The combination of sun and sea breeze kept us comfortably cool, although the wind picked up at the end of the day. We saw people heading out just as we were getting back to our cars. I’m guessing they wanted to catch the sunset — no doubt stunning, but a bit dangerous to try and track down.

Living in the city, we sometimes forget that there is so much beauty to be found a few miles away. Fortunately, we returned to Marin County recently to get more of all that sun-soaked goodness. Coming up soon: Russian River!


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