vegan chocolate avocado cake

Note: This recipe was updated with photographs on March 3rd, 2014.

My mom adores avocados. As a child, I remember watching her eagerly dig into a halved avocado with a spoon, savoring every buttery bite. I was notoriously picky and couldn’t, for the life of me, understand the appeal of such a weird-looking fruit. Now I know better… and thank goodness for that!

Naturally, when I was home last week, my mom sent me home with tons of food — among them, a lot of homegrown avocados. I had to use them all, and guacamole was out (my mom had also included a tub of it in her care package)! Researching ways to prepare and eat my bounty, I came across Joy the Baker’s recipe for vegan chocolate avocado cake. Totally intriguing. I’m not a newcomer to vegan baking, nor am I scared of funky-healthy ingredients in my desserts. Consider this baby made.

(Pardon the photo; I’d forgotten to take a proper snapshot until I was down to my last few nibbles.)

I used spelt flour instead of all-purpose, substituted half of the granulated sugar with agave nectar, substituted the cocoa powder with raw cacao powder, and added a sprinkling of chocolate chips for good measure. [Update: I’ve also made this cake by-the-book, as well as subbed out the white sugar for brown. Any way I’ve made it, it’s always been delicious!] I goofed up halfway through the recipe by not mixing the granulated sugar into the wet mix, but all turned out well regardless.

Conveniently, I’d also just reached a huge milestone at work (finishing running a research study), so I decided to make these into mini cupcakes to share with my coworkers. Judging by how many people went for seconds, I consider this recipe a similar success.

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