I moved!

Oh yeah — did I forget to mention?

Exactly one month ago, I ended the agonizing process of house-hunting and signed a sublease for a truly lovely space. The story is really pretty mind-blowing…

Like so many other would-be inhabitants of San Francisco, I went the Craigslist route to try and find a shared living arrangement. Luckily, I didn’t have the pressure of deadlines, so I was able to take my time if necessary. Regardless, I still hit the pavement pretty hard, going to several showings each week.

Because I had the luxury of time, I really wanted to search for a good fit at a great price. As such, I encountered a ton of weird situations: illegal inlaws, difficult landlords, creepy housemates, ill-kept spaces… I could go on. I also went to a few open houses that were exceptional — and it was clear many others thought they were too. Some of these events were an exercise in assertiveness and/or passive-aggressiveness, with so many people jockeying for the tenants’ attention!

At one showing, however, there was no such tension. I went to an apartment in the Richmond, was greeted by the housemates, and found the space exactly as described: young, friendly, professional, clean… a place I could call “home.” After much back-and-forth communication, they expressed that I’d be a great match for the house and invited me to join the apartment. What’s more, they (as master tenants) dropped the price of rent considerably. Needless to say, I was more than excited.

So now — I’m living in a new apartment with two really nice housemates. I’m situated exactly where the transfer during my daily commute used to be; I’m only 15 minutes from work (shaving off half an hour) and 20 minutes from Jay’s. What’s more, as you can see by the photos, the house is beautiful! What more could I ask for?


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