Friday finds

Happy Friday! Here is my week at work in a snapshot:

This, my friends, is my downfall. We had a ton of office celebrations this week, which translated into tons of carbs and a genuinely frightening moment yesterday. I now truly see why people call it a sugar “high” and “addiction” — we’re dealing with some strong stuff here. In totally unrelated news, Jay and I recently realized that I basically become an out-of-control toddler when I’ve had too many a sweet. Imagine that!

Speaking of work and downfalls… I sometimes stumble across fun bits and bobs on the internet throughout the day. Each Friday, I’ll post a round-up of some of the more memorable and/or amusing links. My inaugural list includes older items I’ve been meaning to share:

Is there anything baking soda can’t do? In this latest installment: killing ants kindly. (the kitchn)

10 best unique dates in SF. That brunch across the bay looks mighty nice, in particular. (SFist)

Greek yogurt cheesecake. I’m already gathering dessert ideas for our next office birthday! (Chocolate Covered Katie)

Nopa’s legendary custard french toast. I’m a brunch fiend, but haven’t tried Nopa due to its line. Why bother, when I now have the recipe? (7×7)

5 Things Paris Taught Me About Travel. A lovely introspective piece and, with vacation season in full swing, a must-read. (the kitchn)

I Was Raped in Tahrir Square. (Jezebel)

PS. I’m now eight months into the blogging journey, and still have not mustered up the courage to promote (or even share) this blog! If you haven’t been able to tell by my previous posts, I can be a bit timid, and not only when it comes to trying out new recipes. Putting one’s self out there is a vulnerable thing, isn’t it?

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