Friday finds

Happy Friday! I promise you tons of recipes and food porn soon — it’s all been a matter of uploading the photos off my camera.

My weekend is off to a delicious start, thanks to the above-pictured goodness from Yogurt Park. Soon afterward, I’ll be sweating buckets in some sorely-needed, much-anticipated, triple-digit Las Vegas heat. Five words: bachelorette festivities + Thunder Down Under. Stories (carefully edited, I’m sure!) to come…

Cute lil’ animal doughnuts, brought to you from (where else, but) Japan! (Serious Eats)

What’s your stone fruit name? Mine is, very fittingly, Flavor Princess. (CUESA)

I was a bartender in Antartica. Short, sweet, fascinating. (The Guardian)

A novel new way to keep your guac green. And no, it doesn’t involve avocado pits or lime juice. (the kitchn)

Cornmeal drop-biscuit peach cobbler. This looks like an extraordinary way to deny the passing of summer. (Leite’s Culinaria)


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