what we’ve been eating

Oh, boy. Where do I even begin? Jay’s housemate, James, has been hosting his friend over the past week — and this friend, David, just so happens to be a professional sous-chef. His presence in the house has amplified our already-profound love of food by tenfold. Together, James and David have been so very casually cooking up multi-course meals for our little house. Lucky me — I get to reap all those delicious benefits…

Tons of food photos after the jump!

But first — our chefs in action…

Surf & turf night

In a stroke of amazing luck, one of James’ clients gifted him a huge batch of fresh lobster. He and David worked their magic and turned it into a mind-meltingly delicious lobster bisque and broiled lobster loaded with gingers, onion, and scallion.

They didn’t stop there. Also on the menu: filet mignon and buttery garlic noodles (touched with just enough Maggi for total umami impact).

We finished the meal with our house’s absolute favorite dessert: banana cream pie.

David’s girlfriend, Allie, was visiting from out of town with her adorable partner-in-crime, Hero. A two-year-old rescued pitbull, Hero was just about the goofiest, calmest, sweetest thing I’d ever met.

Surf night

For a friend’s birthday, the two dreamed up an elaborate dinner on the fly. We started with garlic-toasted sourdough served with ceviche and Cowgirl Creamery cheese.

The main event: an herb and panko-crusted sea bass.

Poor Hero found it very hard to stay away from all the delicious smells emanating out of the kitchen. David kindly gave Hero just enough scraps to keep him happy.

David and James put their plating skills to use, stacking the fish atop sauteed spinach and crushed potatoes with garlic. On the side, we had roasted brussel sprouts, cherry tomatoes, and a light corn salad.

Dessert, for good measure? More banana cream pie, my friends.

Turf night

All good things must come to an end. We celebrated Allie and Hero’s last night in town with an amazing meal. Our appetizer was simple and delicious: slices of Acme sourdough baguette, topped with herbed goat cheese and summer squash.

Our side was a very seasonally-appropriate salad, made with pea sprouts, spring mix, tomatoes, and a fresh herb-citrus vinaigrette.

The main event: delicious, grass-fed hangar steaks, locally sourced from Marin Sun Farms. Seared, finished off in the oven, and topped with homemade hotel butter — these were melt-in-your-mouth amazing, especially after a few minutes of resting.

Oh… oh my.

Yes, I know — how spoiled we are! It kills me, knowing that I can’t eat like this every day for the rest of my life. At least I have these exquisite food memories…


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