Friday finds

In a bit of a contradiction, I am bursting with anticipation for a weekend full of nothing. For once, no grand plans, no trips, no parties… just sweet nuthin’. I want to embrace all the summer laziness I can!

Hot dogs or legs? You decide. (Little did I know that the above shot from Vegas would fit so perfectly into a single-subject blog!)

The Scientific American’s food issue asks that age-old question: Why does food taste so delicious? (The Scientific American)

Food52 and Serious Eats’ cherpumple-off, also known as the most hardcore bake-off ever, truly awes and inspires. (Food52)

Guys with fancy lady hair. Junior prom hair on a man? Yes, YES, a thousand times yes. (The Bold Italic)

Boxed brownies + magic. Check out the comments for tons of incredible tips! (Serious Eats)

Julia Child was wrong — don’t wash your chickens! (KQED)

Eater’s Shitshow Week is here, reminding us that (1) the world of food isn’t all cute Instagrams and (2) nothing is better than a good ol’ rant — or two. My personal rant? Restaurants with lack of signage or incredibly obscure storefronts. There’s nothing I dislike more than inaccessibility. (Eater)


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