Friday finds

Happy Labor Day weekend!

I’ll be spending my weekend researching. In between frantic bouts of Googling, studying, and soul-searching, I’ll be found in and around San Francisco (as there is bound to be insufferable traffic should we try to leave the city). After the holiday, we’re off to Seattle for a much-anticipated vacation! You might not hear much from me (including no Friday finds), as I’ll be exploring the lovely Pacific Northwest.

Above: a mushroom spotted on my walking commute to work.

The words of wisdom Bill Watterson are transformed into a truly touching illustration. (Zen Pencils)

On a somewhat darker, but fascinating, note, author Gary Shteyngart documents his time with Google Glass. (The New Yorker)

Finally an answer to the age-old question: what’s in Prince’s Fridge? (The Heavy Table)

Incredibly handy kitchen shortcuts from none other than — (Serious Eats)

Perhaps a little less than timely, but Michael Twitty’s open letter to Paula Deen is an absolute must-read — not just for “foodies,” but for all. (Afroculinaria)

Did you know David Chang wrote for the (oft-maligned-by-the-restaurant-industry) tabloid of the food world? (Eater)

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