a welcome delivery

I knew that, upon our return from Seattle, Jay and I would be exhausted. Errands (especially going to the grocery store and planning a meal) would be the last thing on our minds, post-vacation. Luckily, Good Eggs came to our rescue.

I’d heard of Good Eggs some time ago. Their food-forward philosophy fits perfectly with sustainably-minded, urban San Francisco. You simply visit their online marketplace, browse the goods (all of which are curated from local producers, farmers, and artisans), and choose when and where you’d like your package delivered or picked up. Easy!

My laziness, however, knows no limits, so I hadn’t mustered up the energy to try it until recently. Our friend C tipped us off to an amazing Good Eggs promotion (sadly no longer available), and Jay and I promptly jumped on it. We got to sample quite a few choice picks!

Here we have a part of a McFarland Springs trout fillet from Two X Sea, seared and served with black beans and spring mix. I truly mean it when I say that this was an exceptionally delicious, generous portion of fish.

We also ordered some of The Greasebox‘s Texas-style brisket. It arrived looking deceptively small, but delivered big flavor.

Here’s Jay’s plate of brisket, accompanied by quinoa, Firebrand Artisan Bread‘s classic sourdough, and sauteed rainbow chard from Blue House Organic Farm‘s trio of bunched organic greens.

As pictured in the leading photo, we also ordered sliced pastrami from Jablow Meats and complimentary Ruby’s Oats’ crispy oat crackers. What a bounty! Everything we received, from the produce to the meats to the baked goods, was clearly made with love and care.

We were incredibly happy with our Good Eggs experience — especially considering they worked with us to reschedule our delivery at the last minute. Even without the deal, we would be happy to use Good Eggs again, not in small part due to their food philosophy and customer service. Jay summed it up best: “I want to buy something again and support them.”


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