Friday finds

Above: Last weekend, I had more ice cream and cookies than I previously thought possible. In an effort to stave off impending sugar-induced hysteria/lethargy, I went on a six-mile jog. Although this kind of “preemptive fatiguing” tactic might work on toddlers, it unfortunately didn’t prevent me from turning into Buster Bluth on juice. At least I got some stunning sunset views.

Chick-Fil-A: love the tastes, hate the politics. Thank goodness for reverse-engineered recipes. (Serious Eats)

What’s it like to be Vietnam’s first Iron Chef? An interesting, if not totally informed, read. (The Atlantic)

Amazing kitchen tips. (Tim & Eric on YouTube)

David Chang’s friends stop by my favorite taqueria in SF, Taqueria Cancun! (Lucky Peach)


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