Friday finds

This weekend, I’ll be flying to Southern California for my cousin’s bridal shower. While I’ll be spending any spare time studying, I’ve also got a few things planned to boost my spirits: namely, upgrading to an iPhone 5 and gorging myself on my mom’s homemade Vietnamese food. I can’t wait.

Above: I’ve fallen victim to the sad desk lunch time and time again. Thankfully, Jay rescued me this week with sandwiches (pictured – turkey, avocado, sprouts). Hooray!

R. Kelly’s grocery list is incredible. Just guess what’s at the top. (First We Feast)

Fuchsia Dunlop teaches us how to make dick soup. No, really. (Lucky Peach, by way of BuzzFeed)

Need to say no? Your word choice can be crucial. (Buffer)

The nose knows: ignore those sell-by dates and waste not! (Mother Jones)

Chef Roy Choi dropped some major, much-needed knowledge on the food world regarding privilege and eating. (Eater)

Scandybars: scanned. candybars. (Tumblr)

Now that Ike’s Place has blown up, it’s not quite the same — but I still love their sammies & owner Ike Shehadeh. Plus: I once wrote an email to him and got an amazing response with the sign-off, “Love & Sandwiches.” (7×7)

Jonathan Franzen’s got some strong feelings about modern technology, y’all. (The Guardian)

I’m absolutely dying to try out these fudge and walnut oatmeal cookies. (The Kitchn)

And to finish off with some very, very good news… New York’s Artichoke Basille pizza is coming to the Bay Area!!! (Berkeleyside)

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