Friday finds

Last weekend, I visited my childhood home and discovered an ice cream parlor I’d wished I’d known about earlier! Introducing Orange County’s version of San Francisco’s  It’s-It: the munchie. It’s my ideal dessert: mint chip ice cream, sandwiched between two oatmeal cookies and dipped in chocolate.

This SNL spoof promo of Girls, ft. the inimitableTina Fey, is just amazing. (YouTube)

Jon Hamm & pizza: dreams do come true. (Jimmy Kimmel)

The fascinating science behind Doritos addictiveness and salty-sweet deliciousness. (NY Times/Jezebel)

The changing faces of America — be sure to check out the photos. (National Geographic)

Roger Ebert schools us all on how to write the love letter. (Chicago Sun-Times)

Hans’ Homemade Ice Cream & Deli
3640 S Bristol St, Santa Ana
California 92704-7302
(714) 979-8815


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