Friday finds

As with many other foods and flavors, I hadn’t been a fan of pumpkin simply because I’d never properly given it a chance. This all changed when Jay introduced me to chocolate chip pumpkin bread. Isn’t it funny how I can be lured into doing almost anything, using chocolate as a vehicle? Anyway… I’m now completely gaga for the gourd. In the past week, I’ve tried and loved pumpkin waffles, Greek yogurt with pumpkin butter stirred in, pumpkin toaster tarts, and pumpkin cheesecake, thanks to Trader Joe’s. Pictured above is a more artisanal, local purchase — a fantastic seasonal brioche from Hapax Bread (reviewed here).

Mary’s marinating stick: simple product, heartwarming story. (NY Times)

Anchorman-inspired ice cream is definitely thematically appropriate but unappealing — I would’ve preferred “cheap white wine sherbet.” (Eater)

Horror of horrors: I share something in common with Taylor Swift. (First We Feast)

I have a love-hate relationship with William Faulkner, as I took an entire course on him in college. He’s made a little more human in this tour of his kitchen. (The Kitchn)

The best cookbook trailerĀ ever, courtesy of Mast Brothers Chocolate (and complete with celeb cameos). (Vimeo)

Jamie Oliver’s chicken in milk recipe has soared to the top of my must-try list. (The Kitchn)

An absolutely sweet tearjerker of an epitaph. (Letters of Note)


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