Friday finds

Trick-or-treating yesterday was nuts. The sheer number of children, the amount of candy being thrown around, and the unbelievable grandeur of the houses in the ‘hood… it left me reeling! However, my prayers were answered in that I caught a glimpse of a famous face (not that I would’ve known). A fellow volunteer identified the manager of the SF Giants handing out candy in front of his very festively-decorated residence. In this city, that definitely counts as a celeb sighting. I’ll take it!

Anyone want to tackle this year’s best bargain bites in the Bay with me? (SF Gate)

This article on insufferable Facebook posts is so painfully funny. (Wait But Why)

Vonnegut’s got such a way of making even great advice seem cheery. (Letters of Note)

Ever wonder what strangers are listening to on their headphones? (Headphones Project)

And finally: a few weeks ago, some dear friends and I threw an autumnal picnic. The incredibly talented Celeste snapped some truly lovely shots of our gathering. (Celeste Noche Photography)


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