happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! If you know me, you’ll know I could do without the scary stuff — but I am very much into other festive aspects of this holiday.

Pumpkins. I’m a fiend for the flavor, but I also love the gourd itself. Last weekend my good friend threw a pumpkin-carving contest at her house. I’d originally planned to cut out a simple pie on mine (pumpkin pie! get it?), but things didn’t go quite as planned… A few pieces fell off here and there, resulting in a less impressive silhouette than I’d intended. Out of a weird combination of spitefulness and a need to overcompensate, I hacked up the rest of my pumpkin and used some toothpicks to do some mending. The end result, pictured above, was not too shabby — kind of like a votive candle-holder, throwing some pretty (yummy) shadows.

Trick-or-treating. It pains me that I have aged out of this tradition. However, last year, I chaperoned a trick-or-treating trip for the children from the women’s shelter where I volunteer. We strategically targeted the ritzy Sea Cliff neighborhood, which has counted Robin Williams, Ansel Adams, and Sharon Stone among its residents. Sadly, there were no celeb sightings last year, though I’ll be attending again today and crossing my fingers for a famous face or two. Either way, there’s bound to be tons of cute kids in costumes, decked-out manses, and…

Candy. Obviously! Sadly, after today, I think I’m going to have to go on a sugar cleanse. I simply have had one too many fun-sized chocolates this week. What to do with any leftover candy that I accumulate? Well, I’m fascinated by the monstrosity/beauty that is Serious Eats’ 7-layer candy dip — perfect to make and pawn off on others.

Costumes. A few years ago, I was one half of a fabulous couples’ costume: Lindsay Bluth and Tobias Funke. None of my costumes since then have topped that, but I still love seeing how creative people get! Some of this year’s favorites I’ve seen so far include the Royal Baby, the Microsoft Office paper clip, a Banksy flower bomber, Harry Potter for dogs, and (throwback to Arrested Development) a family of Tobiases (Tobii?) Funke. This year, I became Wednesday Addams for a karaoke party, and will be une fille française tonight.

Spirit. My very favorite thing about Halloween, and any holiday really, is that it generates so much good cheer and energy. It creates a common bond and gives people a way to engage their creative sides. For example, in the Inner Sunset, there’s one neighbor who hosts an annual haunted house, complete with jack-o-lanterns, blow-up ghosts, a spooky maze, and free snacks and cider, all available to the public. Obviously, she’s a bit of an exception in terms of effort and openness (hi B!). Regardless, there’s something about the season that brings us all together — even after the creepy crawly decor gets put away for next year.


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