Friday finds

The weather in San Francisco of late: to die for. Let’s all take a minute to marvel at the splendor of Golden Gate Park on a sunny autumn morning.

The conditions in my body: also to die for. I’ve been staying active, going to the gym and walking four miles to work a day — but I’ve been putting all sorts of garbage into my system. My four-mile run this morning, fueled by last night’s pizza, felt torturous and was followed by an absolutely debilitating bout of cramps. The pain was so sharp, I couldn’t walk up the stairs (!). I, who almost never take sick time off, had to rest at home for two hours to recover properly (!!). I think this is as good as a sign as any that I’ve got to start watching out for my health again. Time for a re-set, y’all.

Got the post-Halloween blues? Keep the spirit alive by checking out these amazing costumes — or by watching kids react to having all their candy disappear. (Vogue/Youtube)

A little-known asset to chefs: lizard-like eyes. (Inside Scoop)

The best part about this list of best SF brekky pastries: very few lines. (SFist)

I love this: 20 Vietnamese foods you should be trying. (BuzzFeed)

This fantastic letter will teach you exactly how to give thanks. (Letters of Note)

After hitting 1,000 reviews of this lovely city’s gutbombs, BurritoEater will be closing up shop. I’m satisfied with the fact that my fave, Taqueria Cancun, secured a position at the top of its list. (Eater SF)

This map of state sandwiches has me packing my bags for Washington DC. (Business Insider)

Presented without comment: Yoko Ono’s music video, “Bad Dancer.” (Youtube)


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