Friday finds

love Trader Joe’s, especially during the holiday season. There’s a magical, spirit-lifting air that settles in over their aisles of festively-packaged goods. Yesterday, while strolling blissfully through my local TJ’s, I noticed that they’d finally re-stocked their Speculoos cookie and cocoa swirl butter. I’d been dying to try this newest variant of their popular gingerbread spread, striped with Nutella-like cocoa hazelnut cream. In my eagerness, I bought two jars — but, in my defense, it’s almost always sold out because people (like me) hoard them! In any case, I may have to return the spare. For one thing, it’s super saccharine, even for a sweets addict like me. Secondly, I can’t justify its caloric content; it’s pure blood-sugar-spiking madness. Thirdly, and in spite of it all, the swirl is insanely addictive; I finished 1/3 of the jar in one sitting. Too much of a good thing…

Two words: Doritos bread. Okay, three more: with Doritos butter. (Bon Appetit)

This Thanksgiving, I’m giving thanks that this Thanksgiving survival guide exists. (Serious Eats)

A fascinating look at Olympic athletes’ (very variable) bodies. (My Modern Met)

A brave soul tests living off of Soylent, the nutritional powder, for a month. Crazy or cool? You decide. (Vice Motherboard)

Crab leg collab: 2 Chainz x Jourdan Dunn. (Life and Times)


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