Friday finds

Happy weekend! I’ll be spending Saturday at a tech workshop and the rest of my time with my relatives in San Jose. I can’t wait for their annual “pre-Thanksgiving” dinner and am planning on breaking out the pie dough with my cousins. Next week: expect last-minute recipes for your holiday spread.

René Redzipi teaches Jimmy Kimmel how to cook chocolate-covered pig skin. (Youtube)

A wonderful short on San Francisco’s sincere Josey Baker and his bread. (Vimeo)

Five-year-old-me would be appalled at Alice Waters’ parsley anchovy paste — but current-day-me is totally intrigued. (F00d52)

A photo series of an Indian soup kitchen that serves over 100,000 people a day. (Al Jazeera)

What happens when two people describe the same person. (Upworthy)

Presented without comment: the professional women who hunt, shoot, and gut. (NY Times)


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