Wednesday wishlist: mine!

Each Wednesday of the holiday season, I’ll be sharing neat gift ideas with you.


In my family, Thanksgiving is synonymous with four things: tons of multicultural food, matriarch-supervised prayer, karaoke, and wishlists. My mother’s side of the family participates in an annual Secret Santa wherein we share our wishlists during Thanksgiving. As usual, I’ve scrambled to put together a list of things I’d like. Speaking of which — I find that, as time passes, it becomes more difficult to think of things you want. Perhaps it’s because I have enough disposable income that I can usually purchase items I’d like, and/or if I can’t get it myself, it’s usually too expensive anyway..? Well, whatever the case, here it is: my wishlist, 2013. Clockwise from top-left, in no particular order:

A DSLR camera. That’s right. After reading about Martha Stewart’s stomach-turning pictures and looking at my own shoddy snaps, I’m gonna take the leap! Truthfully, though, this isn’t just about food photos. After going on a late-night shoot of the Golden Gate Bridge with my cousin, I was inspired to pick up photography again. Of course, this is an investment, so more research is needed before I decide on a model…

On Food and Cooking: The Science and Lore of the Kitchen by Harold McGee and The New Best Recipe by Cooks Illustrated. These books come highly recommended by Serious Eats. The first is a fascinating, encyclopedic book on food science, while the second is a cookbook with recipes rigorously tested to perfection. [Confession: as I write this, I’m realizing that I’ll probably be able to obtain copies through my Kindle — so these will really only be here in spirit.]

A new duvet set. While my comforter from college has certainly served me well (and has been worn down into ideal ratty-old-t-shirt softness), it’s about time I upgraded. I love simple, textured textiles, like the clean whites of Ikea’s Ofelia Vass duvet cover in white, perhaps paired with the 365+ Mysa comforter, warmth 4.

Nike Roshe Run sneakers. I want/need a new pair of weekend lace-ups, and these definitely fit the bill: simple, comfortable, stylish. I’m digging a lot of the colorways, including the gray suede & orange, black & blue, gray & peach, and brown & lavender.

Office Star ergonomic knee chair. For some time, I was obsessed with sitting on a stability disc, which is supposed to mimic an exercise ball. Unfortunately, I still found ways to slouch throughout the day.  This kneeling chair is a much better alternative, requiring you to engage your core and maintain better posture throughout the day. I’ve tried out my housemate’s seat and now need one of my own.

Emergency & earthquake kit items. And so my practical side emerges… Nothing assuages my anxiety like a strong Plan B. I’ve already built up a pretty respectable “go bag” for when the Big One strikes, including a radio, flashlight, and first aid kit. Useful future additions include a water purifier, an emergency blanket, food rations, and probably the entire REI backpacking/wilderness survival department.


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