a Friendsgiving meatball meal

Thanksgiving is here! I’m lucky enough to be having two celebrations this year — one with my family and the other with Jay’s. I’m always so busy running from one place to the next that I sometimes forget the spirit of the holiday. When counting my blessings, I’m always especially grateful for two things in particular. The first is my health, which is absolutely taken for granted most days. I’m truly fortunate in that I am able-bodied and in good health. The second, of course, are my family and friends. I adore the holidays because I get to spend so much quality time with the people I love.

My dear friend, however, had to spend her holiday away from home due to her grad school schedule. I was determined to host a Friendsgiving fete and provide her with familiar flavors, albeit a bit unconventionally. No way in hell was I going to roast a turkey on a weeknight — but I did want to find a way to work the protein in through meatballs. Unsurprisingly, The Meatball Shop in NYC had just the recipe required. Their Gobble Gobble Turkey Meatballs, made with stuffing and cranberries, was the perfect do-it-all dish for a simple, streamlined Thanksgiving spread. I accompanied the dish with roasted veggies, Alton Brown’s creamy garlic mashed potatoes, and mushroom and turkey gravy.

My friends, of course, brought an array of goodies as well: soup and salad, wine, and a perfect pumpkin bread pudding with dulce de leche. It was a fuss-free, but totally satisfying, Thanksgiving dinner. The best part, of course, was that we could really focus on what was important: the company.


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