Wednesday wishlist: travel

Each Wednesday of the holiday season, I’ll be sharing neat gift ideas with you.

I’m not sure what infection is more prevalent during the winter: the common cold or the travel bug. When the air turns chilly and airline prices drop, it seems everyone starts thinking about their next getaway. I know I certainly do! This week, I present to you gift ideas for the jetsetter, explorer, wanderlust-haver — although one doesn’t necessarily need to book a trip to appreciate them. Clockwise from top-left:

Tuffo outdoor blanket. A good picnic blanket is one of those things that you really appreciate when you’re without one. It’s surprising, too, how many situations call for one: the park, the beach, an outdoor concert, a sporting event. Ensure that your loved one is never lacking with a durable, packable blanket.

Kindle Paperwhite. Many self-professed book lovers (including myself) fall for the Kindle, and after using one, it’s easy to see why. Portable, clean, visually appealing… my Paperwhite has gotten me through many a flight delay, long trip, leisurely day. In my opinion, it’s the ultimate tech gift for a traveler.

Baggu weekend bag. I have literally a dozen tote bags — but the one I love and reach for the most is undoubtedly my Baggu duck bag. Similarly, their nylon bag is my favorite among my reusable shoppers. I expect that their weekender would be just as classic, well-constructed, and multipurpose.

A hobo knife. This may seem a bit like a novelty item, but it’s got a pretty neat back story and use! This tool would be handy for nature types who enjoy camping and hiking — although I could even imagine keeping one at my office desk to serve my everyday eating utensil needs. Amazon has one on sale, as does Best Made Company.

iPhone accessories. As the saying goes, “The best camera is the one that’s with you” — and more often than not, that means my iPhone’s. The Izzi Orbit lens case, which features three high-quality lenses (telephoto, fish-eye, and macro), is a great way to upgrade an iPhone’s capabilities. You can also ensure that your traveler never misses a photo op with the ChargeKey, a super-portable recharging device.

Saddleback Leather goods. This company really and truly cares about craftsmanship. I gifted Jay one of their wallets three years ago and it’s clear that it will last at least ten times longer. Their satchels are investments, made to hold shape through swamps, storms, surfs, safaris. For those a little less rugged, they also offer a more feminine hobo crossbody bag.

Rainy day accessories. Like the picnic blanket, you only really understand the importance of weather-specific items when you’re caught sans coverage. Unfortunately, people are typically reluctant to invest in rainy-day purchases — so why don’t you do it for them? A quality umbrella is guaranteed to come in handy (the ShedRain WindPro Mini Umbrella has great reviews on Amazon). These packable Hunter Original Tour wellies also ensure that your loved one will always have dry feet without losing essential suitcase space.



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