Friday finds

Last weekend, I met one of my most favorite food writers, David Lebovitz, at Omnivore Books. My friend, the one responsible for this candid shot, teased me for looking insanely happy — which, truthfully, I was! I couldn’t help but gush a little as he signed my copy of A Sweet Life in Paris. Haha. This weekend will be a different kind of exciting, what with a brunch and two holiday parties on the agenda. You bet I’ll be baking tonight… and it will involve the 16-ounce slab of chocolate and peppermint extract I recently bought.

Cancer patients are given the chance to be carefree, if only for a second. (The Mimi Foundation)

The argument for a ten-dollar bowl of pho. (Ba Bar)

A map of all the countries that contribute to one jar of Nutella. (Quartz)

Coffee with a side of rudeness, please. (Cup of Jo)

A fascinating article on lining up for food — that might help me out with brunch date this weekend. (Serious Eats)

Some funnies:

Gina de Palma speaks beautifully and truthfully about the “p” word. (Food Republic)

In celeb news: Jay-Z and Bey went vegan and Macauley Culkin has a pizza-themed Velvet Underground cover band. (First We Feast/The Kitchn)


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