Eritrean eats at New Eritrea

Growing up int he ‘burbs, the most “exotic” thing I ate was sushi — and even then, it took me until high school to discover the California roll (authentic, I know). To be fair, I was a notoriously picky eater. Since moving to the Bay Area, though, I’ve been trying to systematically introduce myself to new flavors.

Last week, I tried Eritrean food for the first time and promptly kicked myself for not doing so earlier. At New Eritrea in the Inner Sunset, we shared both the vegetarian and meat sampler platters. Each and every mixture of spices and vegetables was fantastic, especially when sopped up with the fantastically fluffy, tangy injera flatbread. In addition to being crazy delicious, the food is also interactive, requiring that we cast aside Western etiquette and eat the old-fashioned way: with our hands. We savored the flavors, thanked our friendly servers, and paid a reasonably cheap bill for it all: an excellent date night.

New Eritrea Restaurant & Bar
907 Irving St
San Francisco, CA 94122


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