greatest hits of 2013

I’m asking myself a very important question right now. Do I take myself seriously enough to create a “Top 10″/”Best of” list? The answer should be “no,” since this blog solidly occupies the “strictly for fun” zone in my life… but, for that same reason, I’m going to put together a “Greatest Hits of 2013” compilation.

What were my favorite things to make and share this year?

Steamed soy-ginger fish: an effortless, everyday dinner that warms the soul.

Trail mix cookies: not just a sweet, but also a nourishing, energy-providing snack!

Cauliflower crust pizza: herbs and cheese recreate the taste of pizza sans gluten (and excessive calories)!

Healthy orange-chocolate mousse bars: this dessert proves that healthy can be insanely delicious.

Teriyaki salmon: years ago, I might’ve dismissed such a basic dish — but now I know better.

Chicken tagine: my first foray into Moroccan cooking yielded this incredibly flavorful, tender dish — definitely a favorite.

Chocolate chip oatmeal cookie pancakes: I. Loved. These. (also pictured in lead photo in one of its more recent reincarnations)

Nutella-stuffed brown butter and sea salt chocolate chip cookies: the name says it all.

Beef and butternut squash stew: simple, delicious, and totally comforting.

Mint brownies: an absolute hit and, in my book, the perfect combination of flavors.

Amusingly, I started off the year documenting “healthy” recipes, which inevitably spiraled into decadent dessert baking by the holidays. ‘Tis the season, no? Failed clean eating notwithstanding, I’m quite proud of my culinary work this year (especially considering where I was only a few years ago…). I’m no accomplished home cook, despite a childhood spent at my mom’s apron strings — but I’m loving rediscovering myself in the kitchen.

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