World Peace cookies

This Christmas, I made goodie bags. The idea came to me casually enough. Why not show off my newly-developed baking skills and gift my relatives with homemade sweets? I excitedly bookmarked a few cookie recipes and purchased ingredients in anticipation of baking at my mom’s house.

Little did I know that I’d effectively exiled myself to the kitchen for the next three days.

Okay, I exaggerate. The baking was manageable, though there were definitely moments when I broke out into a cold sweat (surveying the monstrous amount of cookie dough resting in the fridge) and an actual sweat (creaming sugar and butter by hand for over an hour combined — though I did get a good upper body workout, if only for my dominant arm). Fortunately, I chose classic, simple recipes and, in a surprise move, actually read them fully and prepped accordingly beforehand. The resulting treats were totally worth the work.

Exhibit A: Dorie Greenspan’s chocolate sables, a.k.a. Korova cookies (named after the cafe she discovered them in), a.k.a. world peace cookies (because apparently there would be lots of it if everyone had one of these). These had all the makings of an excellent chocolate cookie: not too sweet, with just enough chew and chocolate chunks. I can most certainly see why everyone loves these — my typically vanilla-aficionado mom included.

Exhibit B to come next week..!

Dorie Greenspan’s World Peace (Korova) cookies

Recipe at The Splendid Table

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