Friday finds

Above: My friend S’s mother is an amazing artist who handmakes and fires ceramics in a kiln in her garage. Pictured are two of her simpler and pint-sized (but still wonderfully sweet) pieces.

This weekend’s a big one, my friends. This Sunday, Jay and I will have been dating for five years — exactly 1,826 days since our ~*FiRsT KiSs*~. I’m giggling madly because that landmark is just so gross/cheesy… but corniness aside, I happen to think this anniversary is pretty impressive! We are going to celebrate in a huge way this weekend: hiking, cooking, wining, dining, the works.

Loving the slaying of stereotypes with this programming model and J. Crew’s bridal jumpsuit. (Jezebel)

Tavi Gevinson x Lorde. (Rookie)

For those who aren’t cookie’d out: Thomas Keller’s riff on Oreos and fabulous-looking wedding cookies. (Saveur and Serious Eats)

Beyoncé. (Youtube)


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