The New York Times’ consummate chocolate chip cookie

Do you love chocolate chip cookies? (If you don’t, I don’t trust you and want you to leave this website now, please.) Has this love ever bordered on madness? Has this obsession ever driven you to engineer the perfect “CCC?” Has this pursuit ever led you to search for the ultimate recipe?

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of the above questions, I’m sure you’ve come across the article published by The New York Times. Culinary mastermind David Leite consulted the best bakers in New York in order to create the recipe to rule them all. Modeled after the legendary Jacques Torres’ version, the chocolate chip cookie composite is tweaked to perfection — and, as a result, is not for the faint of heart. You’ll need two obscure types of flours, excellent dark chocolate, and plenty of preparation and resting time (at least 24 hours’ worth to make sure the liquids optimally hydrate the flours).

Is it everything it’s cracked up to be? Well, let me just say that these babies are as close to perfect as I’ve gotten thus far.* The heft allows the cookie to have wonderful texture — crisp edge, chewy middle, soft center — with tons of chocolate strewn throughout. I used Trader Joe’s chocolate by the pound, chopped into chunks and flakes, to great effect. Next time I might experiment and brown the butter to develop a nuttier flavor, but the cookie is truly delicious and classic as it gets. Of course, as is zeitgeist, a sprinkle of sea salt completes it.

The New York Times‘ consummate chocolate chip cookie

Recipe at the New York Times

* As soon as a new chocolate chip cookie recipe endears itself to me, another promising version appears! Only a few weeks ago I was madly professing my devotion to Ambitious Kitchen’s Nutella-stuffed cookie — and now, I fear this might be the only recipe I ever make — but next month, you might find me getting down on one knee for Serious Eats’ rigorously researched rendition. Fickle I may be, but can you blame me? Chocolate chip cookies will do that to a girl.

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