Friday finds

Thanks to the Whole30, I’ve been rediscovering the wonderful world of vegetables. Although my meat consumption has predictably increased, my greens intake has multiplied exponentially. My college self is in disbelief (and, I’m sure, clinging on to garlic and cheese breadsticks with a passion)! I’ve been doing a lot of on-the-fly vegetable cooking now, and take an inordinate amount of pride and pleasure in each process. For those who might need some tips on technique, check out Food 52’s how-to on roasting and The Kitchn’s guide on stir-frying.

This holiday weekend, I’ll be out of the house enjoying this blessedly gorgeous weather — volunteering, hiking, picnicking — but am sure to find myself back in the kitchen, happily cooking, in no time.

The surprisingly lovely story of toast in San Francisco. (Pacific Standard)

Can you guess what the best place in the world for healthy eating is? (NPR)

It may be the hormones, but I’m so moved by John Legend’s music video ft. his amazing wife. (YouTube)

Tina Fey wrote a poem: “A Mother’s Prayer for Her Daughter.” (

Sand, when magnified, reveals an unseen world of natural beauty. (Sandgrains via Hurricane Vanessa)

Pop quiz! What’s your American dialect? Apparently I’m from Florida… but, on the flipside, I’m supposed to live in Paris. (NY Times/BuzzFeed)

This week’s This American Life was not only interesting (as always), but its last act was also relevant to my line of work. (NPR)

An illuminating video on your brain on sugar. (Ted ED)

Cassey Ho’s post on body image by way of Ke$ha totally resonated with me. (Blogilates)


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