pan-fried salmon with cucumber tomato salsa

I’ve come around to the idea that sometimes (e.g., almost all the time), the simplest food is the best. I can almost hear Jay’s triumphant crowing — this is totally his line whenever he sees me running around the kitchen, juggling 20 different things. I can’t fault the man, though. Ain’t it true? The best meals are the ones that let quality ingredients shine.

Case in point: pan-fried fish. Nothing makes me happier than a nicely seared salmon steak. Jay intuitively cooks an excellent fish filet, so on this occasion, I busied myself by making a refreshing cucumber, tomato and cilantro salsa. These two dishes hardly require a recipe, but I’m including similar recipes and resources below, just in case your kitchen game needs some guidance. Feel free to get more creative, too, by swapping out the fish or adding veggies into the topping. Simple seafood and salsa are a sure bet.

Pan-fried salmon

Similar recipe at Food Network

For more useful information (including how to get perfectly crispy salmon skin), see Serious’ Eats’ “How To Pan-Fry Salmon Filets.”

Cucumber and tomato salsa

Similar recipe at Wegman’s

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