Friday finds

Last weekend, I partook in an oyster fest at Tomales Bay Oyster Company with guests from out of town. I’ve still got quite a steady flow of visitors coming in; my cousin is here for a grad school interview, as are some of my friends. It’s bound to be busy, but I’m determined to make time (finally) for my first Alameda Pointe Antiques Faire on Sunday! With all these plans, there’ll be some tricky navigation in regards to my Whole30 plan, but I’m trying not to get too anxious. Mostly — I’m just ready to have fun.

My paranoid side (read: my only side) is totally into this insane urban survival class. (Rift Recon)

I absolutely loved this piece on how questions can save relationships. (Huffington Post)

The only reason I’m into the Superbowl: snackadiums. (the kitchn)

If you didn’t have wanderlust before, you will now. (Bored Panda)

Unsurprising: the worst thing you can eat is sugar. Also unsurprising: Big Sugar’s scarily powerful influence. (PLOS/Mother Jones)

Quite enjoying these rules for lean eating. (Men’s Health)

Food trend alert: teff, the new supergrain. (The Guardian)

On my to make-list: roasted cauliflower + magic sauce. (Chocolate & Zucchini)

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