Friday finds

How do you know I’m a total nerd? Well, I actually documented the unboxing of my new Thermoworks purchase– not a state-of-the-art Thermapen, but an excellent instant-read thermometer all the same. My enthusiasm was justified, though, because what should I find in the package but… a fun-sized pack of jelly beans. It made my day.

Last Sunday I woke up to the sound of pouring rain, so my plans to shop the antiques faire were put on hold. This weekend looks equally stormy, but I’ll still be out and about doing community service and running errands. My last week of Whole30 and celebratory Portland vacation is almost upon me and there’s so much to do! Here’s hoping I can get in some good rest all the same.

More proof I’m a geek: totally digging this strategy guide to life as a game. (Oliver Emberton)

10 easy things that will make you happier — definitely going to try to keep these on my radar. (The Mind Unleashed)

Michael Pollan on how cooking can change your life. (The RSA)

Extra virgin suicide, illustrated. (NY Times)

Two bits for the Berkeley kids: an excellent interview with Berkeley’s Top Dog Guy and the Intermezzo salad reborn. (Wine and Bowties/Serious Eats)

McDonalds Canada debunks the pink slime myth. (Huffington Post)

Clearly Spike Jonze should’ve casted Seth Rogen in Her. (Mashable)

On my wishlist: a slow-cooker (I have to stop borrowing my housemates’!) and this cookbook. (the Kitchn)


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