Whole30 Wednesday: Days 25-30… and 31

From January 12th through February 11th, I’ll be participating in The Whole 30 Program.

Day 25: Wednesday, February 5

  • Breakfast: Two hard-boiled egg whites. 1/4 sweet potato.
  • Lunch: Garlic ginger chicken. Carrots and celery in Vietnamese-flavored chicken bone broth.
  • Dinner: Carnitas and hot sauce. Cabbage slaw.
  • Exercise: Brazil Butt Lift “Sculpt.”

I woke up early feeling more energetic than usual (although, please note, I’m not exactly hopping out of bed ready to conquer the world). I’m going to chalk this one up to a full night’s sleep. I actually went to bed before midnight — a serious accomplishment! I’m recognizing that, though my diet may be pretty clean, it’s imperative I get enough rest.

Day 26: Thursday, February 6

  • Breakfast: Kale frittata.
  • Lunch: Peruvian chicken. Roasted cauliflower. Kale stir fry.
  • Dinner: Carnitas. Cabbage slaw.
  • Snacks: Coconut water.
  • Exercise: Brazil Butt Lift “High and Tight.”

I guess my mood hasn’t leveled out completely; I was feeling totally low energy in the afternoon. I suspect I may not be eating enough carbs, which I’ve been limiting as much as I can. These past few days have also been draining, as I’ve been so busy. Definitely valuing a night in!

I’m still feeling relatively bloated, but I will also recognize my body is beginning to look more toned than it did only a few weeks ago. While I’d love to drop a few pounds, I’m glad that, at the very least, I’m becoming visibly fitter (albeit more sore, as well!).

Day 27: Friday, February 7

  • Breakfast: Kale frittata.
  • Lunch: Vietnamese chicken. Bone broth.
  • Dinner: Ropa vieja. Cabbage slaw.
  • Exercise: Brazil Butt Lift “Sculpt.”

Even though I’m nearing the end of the program, I’m still trying to figure out a few issues. I suspect my portions might be too big, but it’s hard to pin down exactly how much I should be eating when my appetite comes and goes unprecitably. There are so many variables when it comes to tweaking one’s diet. I guess that’s the beauty of sticking to Whole 30’s intense regimen. In any case, it’ll help here to stick to three square meals.

I’ve been lunching regularly with my coworker who is a week behind me on her own Whole 30. This program can definitely bring out the overcritical, neurotic sides of people, so it’s been incredibly helpful to have little pep talks. We admire each others’ meals, recognize our accomplishments, and empower each other. Who cares if we ate a little too much coconut butter last night? We’re still actively trying to be the healthiest versions of ourselves, and that rulez.

Day 28: Saturday, February 8

  • Breakfast: Shakshuka with two eggs.
  • Lunch: AirBnB-catered kale salad with fried pumpkin seed vinaigrette. Peruvian chicken.
  • Dinner: Power greens with ropa vieja, pan-fried eggplant and mushroom. Cabbage slaw. Leftover AirBnB-catered kale salad with fried pumpkin seed vinaigrette.
  • Snacks: Turtle Tower spring roll filling (shrimp, pork bits and lettuce). Alicia’s chicken tamale filling (chicken, peas, carrots).

I was incredibly busy throughout the day, leaving the house at 8 am and only returning home 14 hours later. As a result, my meals were super scattered and imbalanced.

I spent the morning volunteering and gardening with AirBnB, a San Francisco-based start-up. They, of course, provided gourmet lunches — and I was much too tired to track down the caterer and inquire about ingredients. I simply picked the most innocent-looking dish and assumed that there weren’t any noxious additives in the vinaigrette (hah). In true techie style, AirBnB also threw a volunteer afterparty complete with free food truck goods. I hate passing up an opportunity for anything free, so I cashed in my credit for spring rolls and chicken tamales… and then proceeded to pick out the meager fillings and eat them. A little pathetic, but still tasty and technically compliant. Only the Whole30 gods can judge me.

Day 29: Sunday, February 9

  • Breakfast: 2 slices of bacon and 2 eggs, sunny-side up. 1/4 sweet potato.
  • Lunch: Peruvian chicken. Cabbage slaw. Power greens. Kale salad.
  • Dinner: Baked lemon-dill salmon. Asparagus stir-fry.
  • Exercise: Brazil Butt Lift “Cardio Axe,” “Bum Bum” and “Tummy Tuck.”

Back to stable mood, energy, and now, sleep! It makes me really happy knowing that my body’s internal clock is in sync. I’m still feeling puffy, relative to last-last week, but it might all be in my head.

I have less than 48 hours left in the program, so I don’t need to slavishly prep my weekly meals any more… but of course, I ended up cooking Whole30-compliant breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next four days. What’s more, it was the most painless night of cooking yet, mostly due to the fact that I’m only feeding myself since Jay’s away for work. I was out of the kitchen and in bed by 8 pm. It’s nice to have achieved culinary harmony at the end of this whole thing.

Day 30: Monday, February 10

  • Breakfast: Bacon and kale frittata
  • Lunch: Peruvian chicken. Power greens. Roasted broccoli.
  • Dinner: Baked lemon-dill salmon. Stir-fried vegetables. Half an avocado.
  • Exercise: Brazil Butt Lift “Sculpt” and “Bum Bum.”

I felt pretty depleted throughout the day thanks to stacked weight-training workouts and (probably) not enough food. It just goes to show that the body is forever changing, minute to minute, and I accept that I’ll never get it perfect. Being mindful of overall health, however, helps immensely.

It’s hard to believe that this is my last day of the Whole30! I’ve been thinking of my upcoming trip to Portland (starting Friday) as the endpoint, but really, I’ve got a few days’ grace here.  Jay suggested doing some reintroduction before our vacation, but I’m so comfortable eating this way that I’m not at all tempted to stray. I considered having a piece of chocolate the morning after, but I’m so sure I’m going to gorge myself in Portland that I don’t want to get a needlessly early start.

Day 31: Tuesday, February 11

  • Breakfast: Bacon and kale frittata
  • Lunch: Peruvian chicken. Power greens. Roasted broccoli.
  • Dinner: Baked lemon-dill salmon. Stir-fried vegetables. Half an avocado.
  • Exercise: Brazil Butt Lift “Cardio Axe” and “High and Tight.”

Well, my friends, I’ve emerged from the other side of the Whole30… but I’m still eating exactly the same. Amazingly, while I’m fantasizing about dessert, I’m not actually motivated to eat them. It might sound a bit hocus-pocus, but it’s as though my body knows that sweets aren’t worth the (very fleeting) instant gratification.

Make no mistake, though! As I said before, I’m definitely going to enjoy the wealth of food in Portland — but I don’t plan on mindlessly drowning myself in sugar as I did in Seattle. Besides, I honestly don’t think my body could handle the blood sugar spikes.

In any case, next week will be spent “off-roading,” both geographically and nutritionally. Right now, I feel great, but it’ll be interesting to see what transpires in the real world (well, if my real world was half spent vacationing in the Pacific Northwest). I’ll give a final update, with results, impressions and future plans, next Wednesday — and then, hopefully, you won’t have to see any more poorly-lit iPhone photos of my Tupperware lunches for some time!


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