blood orange tart

I’m cringing as I type this, but I’ve always been a sentimental person. In the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, I’d walk around in a cloud of imaginary heart bubbles. I’d savor chocolates, take joy in the abundance of flowers, and fantasize about torrid romances. I’d think about love and sigh (both contentedly and wistfully) to myself.

This changed, of course, when I met Jay. Here was a person who scowled at the oppressive commercialization of an arbitrary holiday. The pink and red foil-wrapped candies lining drugstore shelves weren’t gifts ready to please their recipient; they represented marketing’s ruthless exploitation of people’s emotions. Delivered flowers weren’t a proud expression of one’s adoration; they were over-the-top feats from people with less innocent motives. Valentines weren’t a celebration; they were manipulation.

So! As you might imagine, there was some adjustments made when we began dating. To be fair, Jay really tried; our first Valentine’s, he arrived at my doorstep with tulips and took me to see snow for the first time. However, over the course of our relationship, my idealistic, Disney-fueled fantasies have been tempered considerably. Jay’s conspiracy-colored gloom has also lightened (though, let’s be clear, he’s still got that rogue element in him). Somehow, we’ve met each other in the middle — found a happy medium.

In honor (but not too much honor) of this day, I present to you a rustic blood orange tart. It’s the perfect vehicle for showing off the bounty of the swiftly-ending citrus season. I baked this during my Whole30, so I can’t tell you myself how it tastes, but others professed their undying love for it. That’s the type of PDA that Jay and I can both appreciate.

Blood orange tart

Recipe adapted from Zoe Nathan at Food and Wine courtesy of Smitten Kitchen

Notes: This is really just a simple crostata primer with tons of room for adjustment. Here, I used my fall-back pastry dough, Cook’s Illustrated’s Foolproof Pie Dough, in place of the all-butter one suggested — no noticeable difference. I also had about half the number of blood oranges suggested, though they yielded a good amount of flesh. Next time, I’ll aim to include as much fruit as possible (without running the risk of weighing down the crust or making it soggy with juice, of course).

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