Friday finds

As I write this, Jay and I are sitting in San Francisco Airport waiting to board our delayed flight. Can I just take a moment to express my love for Virgin America and JetBlue? I usually fly on “budget airlines” and will continue to do so, so long as United, Delta and the bigger carriers continue to suck. In any case, I’m hopeful that we’ll be touching down in Portland this side of noon. I can’t wait!

Above: a shot of the after-party for AirBnB’s day of citywide community service last week.

The takeaways from interviews with couples in real, happy relationships. (Business Insider)

This week, I’m totally into Christina Tosi — quite enjoying this peek at her cake-making class and Karlie Kloss “kookie” kollab. (Lucky Peach)

How can one possibly improve a flawless iceskating duet? Beyonce. (BuzzFeed)

Bakesale Betty‘s cost-cutting measures have incurred the wrath of the internet. (Yelp)


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