kahlua pork

It’s no secret that I love crockpots. So revolutionary, however, was this recipe that I had to post it separately. This kahlua barbecue-inspired preparation has transformed me from typically pork-averse to, shall we say?, pork-amenable.

I’ve never enjoyed eating pig, gastronomically or ethically. Slow-cooking, however, makes the meat nigh irresistible. It’s almost unbelievable (a) how simple and easy-to-make it is, (b) how many portions it yields, and (c) how tender it comes out the crockpot. There are literally three ingredients: pork shoulder, sea salt, and — you guessed it — bacon. Fuss-free and flavorful to the nth degree.

The recipe came courtesy of what is quickly becoming one of my favorite blogs, Nom Nom Paleo. We raced around town trying to find Whole30-compliant bacon to no avail. Pork belly did the job just fine, but word of warning: trim the fat off before using it! The meat was excellent, but uncomfortably on the greasy side. Fortunately, the unctuousness was offset by some mellow mashed cauliflower and tart vinegar-braised red cabbage. That hiccup aside (and hey, it might not even be a problem for you rich-dish lovers!), this plate has me convinced that pork can please.

Kahlua pork

Recipe at Nom Nom Paleo

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