Friday finds

This week I’ll be volunteering (once again!) but with decidedly less altruistic motives. I’m going to be helping out at a conference for academics looking to leave the world of research — and hopefully throwing some light on my own career path in the process. Otherwise, I hope to catch up on some much-needed sleep! Happy Friday, friends.

So much to try now that I’m back in San Francisco! See: 2014’s Eat+Drink list and Chez Pim’s new restaurant. (7×7 and Tablehopper)

Are we really in control of how we eat? A fascinating, well-researched series: parts 1 and 2. (Dr. Ragnar)

The most beautiful babka in the room. (Serious Eats)

This fancy taco “crawl” made my mouth water. (Ruth Reichl)

On my to-make list: chopped celery with beef and caper-raisin sauce. (The Wednesday Chef and Amateur Gourmet)


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