Peruvian chicken

Look, I know that picture isn’t appetizing. Sometimes I can really stink at this whole “blogging about food” thing. Sometimes (… or all the time) I just want to get food in my mouth ASAP, pretty plating be damned.

However, for those of us who don’t eat with our eyes only, this recipe is it. It takes two of my favorite, yet woefully underused, ingredients, herbaceous mint and tart lime, and blitzes them into an intensely flavored sauce. Add in a sucker-punch of heat from habanero pepper and a bit of earthy je ne sais quoi from smoked paprika and you’ve got a uniquely addictive dish on your hands. Lucky for me, the recipe yields an incredibly generous batch of food. I can’t promise that I’ll have self-control enough to take a picture when I come back for more, though!

Peruvian chicken

Recipe at No Paleo Piece of Cake, adapted from Cook’s Illustrated


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