Friday finds

Happy Friday! I’m planning on taking shelter indoors and getting tons of rest & relaxation throughout this stormy weekend. Jay installed black-out blinds in my room, resulting in some super-deep shut-eye lately. I’m thinking I can also employ said window coverings for some daytime video-projector use… namely, watching the The Bachelor. No shame. Okay, maybe a little bit.

Above: yesterday’s respite from the rain provided for some gorgeous, crystal-clear views.

Guides galore! Pizza in NYCburgers in SF, and the 100 top places to eat nationwide  (I’ve got 11 down, 88 to go). (Serious Eats, The Bold Italic and Yelp)

More pizza coverage: in case you need an excuse to get the bigger pie, toppings around the world, and pizza feminism. (NPR, Huffington Post and Tumblr)

Ever wonder what a cruise helmed by Paula Deen would be like? How about a tasting menu based on Radiohead’s Kid A? (Gawker, Huffington Post)

What Vietnam’s first McDonald’s means. (Serious Eats)

Excited for the FDA’s new nutritional labels! (NY Times)

To make: slow cooker penang curry. (Serious Eats)


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