bacon, oatmeal & raisin cookies

K is a guy’s guy. He runs marathons, plays hockey in a league, and enjoys kicking back with a bottle of beer or whiskey (sometimes both at once). At the same time, he takes pride in domestic pursuits: sculpting ceramic art pieces, juicing healthy concoctions, and making many a rib-sticking stew. Fun, funky, spunky: I wanted to make him a birthday treat representative of his unique nature.

An idea popped into my head, and an hour later, I was pulling a tray of oatmeal raisin cookies out of the oven. Oatmeal raisin cookies… with bacon.

I made these right after my Whole30 cleanse, so I refrained from tasting, but everyone who had a cookie proclaimed it tasty. They’re soft, salty, sweet — a lovely breakfast accompaniment. I packed an extra one to sustain Jay en route to Portland, moments before we stepped foot in the cookie’s birthplace, Stumptown Coffee Roasters. A fitting birthday treat and serendipitous travel snack, all around.

Bacon, oatmeal and raisin cookies

Recipe from Stumptown Coffee Roasters (developed by Autumn Martin), available at Bon Appetit

Note: I used brown sugar in place of white, but otherwise followed the recipe to a T.

I made sure to whip the egg mixture thoroughly, resulting in a super tender cookie.

Oats added!

Fresh from the oven.

Fit to serve.

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