Portland, Night 3: Fly Dragon Spa & Nostrana

Our final night in Portland was marked by some major relaxation and indulgence.

Jay was determined to get a massage while on vacation, which explained how we found ourselves in a reflexology spa on Sunday night. These types of Asian-owned institutions can be found in most major cities, offering full-body massages on the cheap. Never before, though, had I found myself in a space as elaborately decorated as Fly Dragon Spa’s.

For only $30 each, Jay and I were massaged for an hour. Mileage varied (Jay’s masseur was pretty powerful, though mine was a bit weaker and smelled faintly of cigarette smoke), but I couldn’t complain. The setting alone put me to rest: classical music piping in through the speakers, cheesy red-lacquered decor, curtained and string-lit group massage room. What can I say? I love a cheap thrill.

We did some further unwinding at home before heading to Nostrana, Beard Award-winning chef Cathy Whims’ restaurant in East Portland. Our meal was delicious from start to finish, though it wouldn’t beat out Delfina in San Francisco for favorite Italian restaurant.

The white wine flight was absolutely lovely (and quite a good deal, considering the generous pours).

Total fan of the cappellini with fried mussels.

I loved the pizza, even if the crust lost some of its crispness under that sauce.

We also ordered the happy hour charcuterie board, which was a step down from the spread listed on the regular menu.

I’d highly recommend coming in after 9 pm to take advantage of its somewhat limited, but insanely cheap, happy hour menu. Regardless of timing, however, you’re bound to enjoy kind service and a totally romantic atmosphere. The space is gorgeous; a huge farmhouse with exposed beams, soaring ceilings, rustic touches, and warm glowing light. Not a bad way to end our last night in Portland!

Fly Dragon Spa
1928 NE 42nd Ave
Portland, OR  97213

1401 SE Morrison St
Portland, OR 97214


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