Chinese steamed fish

As a kid, I would’ve categorized items like Hot Pockets and microwaveable Tina’s burritos under the “comfort food” category, giving nary a thought to my mom’s plentiful homemade dishes. It’s okay, though. If ever there was a good time for me to recklessly ingest such products, it would’ve been when my metabolism was young and zippy.

Nowadays, though, my palate yearns for the magic my mom would conjure up in her kitchen. One especially nostalgic dish is steamed soy-ginger fish, which has been covered here before. The technique is fantastically easy and nearly foolproof, but I can’t leave well enough alone. Jay and I stumbled upon a variation of the recipe, this time courtesy of the food blogger juggernaut Jaden Hair of The Steamy Kitchen, and put it to the test. It’s only a bit more complex than our previous standby, requiring a few more ingredients to prep and dishes to wash. The extra work prepping the sauce is well worth it, however, for some truly flavorful fish. I’ll be honest; I had my doubts, as I do whenever people try to make Asian dishes Western-palate-friendly, but I shouldn’t have been wary. This was still the familiar food of my childhood, elevated in adulthood.

Chinese steamed fish

Recipe at Steamy Kitchen

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