Friday finds


Another weekend on the go — this time, to Morro Bay with my girlfriends on our annual getaway! I can’t wait to tour the central Californian coast. On our agenda: Hearst Castle, Big Sur, Monterey, home cookin’, hot tubbin’, sun ‘n surf, rest ‘n relaxation.

On bipolar disorder and Julia Child. (Leite’s Culinaria)

4505 Meats’ best damn cheeseburger recipe, revealed. (7×7)

Decision tree: Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods? (Washington Post)

These cookies from my favorite patissier, Belinda Leong, look divine. (Viet World Kitchen)

Terrifying but personally relevant: graduate school debt, visualized. (New America, courtesy of Gawker)

Cream puffs: in the style of Wes Anderson and nearly vulgar video. (Slate/Carte Noire on Vimeo)

I can’t wait to try this new David Chang-backed line of seasoning. (America’s Test Kitchen)

An unfussy reminder on mindful eating. (Ruhlman)


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