Friday finds

My baby sister’s in town and I couldn’t be more excited. Jay watched me flitting around with anticipation the other night and teased me for being so happy. We picked her and her partner D up on Wednesday, took them to our favorite low-key ramen shop, and then shuttled them up Twin Peaks for some breathtaking nighttime views (captured above in poor iPhone quality). The rest of their time here, we’ll be eating and drinking until we burst. Same blood, same priorities.

A very different look at the Leland Yee scandal. (Inside Scoop)

Chefs reading their restaurants’ Yelp reviews — hilarious. (Chefs Feed on Youtube)

A totally relatable advice column answer. (The Bold Italic)

And finally, an announcement! This Sunday, April 6th, I’ll be starting the 21 Day Sugar Detox. If you can’t tell by my latest rash of restaurant reviews, I’ve been eating way too much birthday cake. What was supposed to be a small celebration cannonballed into a month of glutinous, gluttonous eating — effectively negating all the good work I did with the Whole30 and the Brazil Butt Lift. As is my style, I’m doing something drastic to help restore balance: cutting out all sugars, including carbs and other food groups that might easily be converted into sugar in the body. Notably, though, this program addresses my biggest adversary (that darn sweet tooth) while being much less restrictive than the Whole30. Feel free to join in on the fun; information can be found here. I’ll be ending on April 27th, and will, of course, be posting periodically about my adventures here.


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