21 Day Sugar Detox Tuesday: Days 0-2

From April 6th through April 27th, I’ll be participating in The 21-Day Sugar Detox.

Day 0: Saturday, April 5

  • Lunch: A few bites of Roli Roti’s porchetta sandwich and Namu Gaji’s gamja fries. Fruit samples at the farmers’ market. A scoop of Humphry Slocombe “Secret Breakfast” ice cream with chocolate almond brittle.
  • Dinner: Sashimi. Half of a sushi roll with eel and soft-shell crab. A few bites of beef carpaccio. Most of a Nutella crepe with vanilla ice cream, strawberries and bananas and a Haagen-dasz peanut butter and chocolate ice cream bar.
  • Snacks: Popcorn. A bowl of cereal with almond milk. Half a cup of a boba drink.

Yikes… all of that was painful to type out. In true-to-me style, I prefaced my impending cleanse with major last-minute indulgence. In my defense, my sister was visiting from out of town and requested we go to the bountiful farmers’ market at the Ferry Building. There were free samples and delicious food to be had. We were in possession of Virgin America airlines boarding passes, eligible for free scoops at the new Humphry Slocombe. There was obviously no holding back.

That’s no excuse, however, for what I ate after we dropped my sister off at the airport. What can I say? I was eating mindlessly and without being satiated. Within only a few weeks of ending my Whole30 and exercise regime, I’d fallen right back into bad habits. That’s okay — it happens — but it’s clear I needed to reset my body.

Day 1: Sunday, April 6

  • Breakfast: Coconut pancakes. Bacon.
  • Lunch: Sauteed asparagus. Mixed greens with Mediterranean vinaigrette. One over-easy egg.
  • Dinner: 1/2 cup of roasted chicken (breast only). Roasted garlicky asparagus. Mixed greens with Mediterranean vinaigrette and tomatoes.
  • Snacks: Coconut water.
  • Exercise: Three rounds of stairs (160 steps each). Chalean Extreme “Recharge.” Turbofire “Abs 10.”

This was a very difficult day, to say the least. I spent most of the afternoon sprawled out on my couch, feeling utterly miserable and sorry for myself. Energy dips, mood swings, and low-level headaches galore! I wasn’t expecting such a drastic crash, since my entry into Whole30 was relatively mild — but then again, I hadn’t been feeding my system so much junk back then. I was a real pleasure to be around, I’m sure.

Day 2: Monday, April 7

  • Breakfast: Three hard-boiled eggs.
  • Lunch: 1/4 cup of roasted chicken (breast only). Roasted garlicky asparagus. Mixed greens with Mediterranean vinaigrette and tomatoes.
  • Dinner: Red Thai coconut curry with chicken. Shiritaki noodles.
  • Exercise: Chalean Extreme “Burn 1.”

I woke up incredibly tired, despite getting eight hours of (deeper than usual) sleep. Now that I’m not constantly fueling myself with sugar, I feel as though I can really sense my body’s natural state… and it’s tired.

Exacerbated by this uncharacteristically warm and sunny weather, a major energy slump hit me mid-day, making me want to take a big catnap in the sun. I never quite shook off the fatigue and headed to bed early. Hopefully my exhaustion will taper off soon.

These next few days are supposed to be a bit of a rollercoaster — it should be entertaining (at least in hindsight)..!


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