Friday finds

Happy Friday! Looks like my traveling isn’t quite over yet; spring fever is really hitting hard this year. While I’m excited to see my family in southern California this weekend, I must admit I’m looking forward to some lazy weekends late in the month. It’s nearly the dog days of summer, right?

Above: Washington Square on a beautiful day.

Giants of the culinary world conspired… to throw a surprise birthday party. (The New Yorker)

As much as I hate the word, I fear these 5 telltale signs of foodie behavior describe me all too accurately. (Bay Area Bites)

The NY Times featured a 15-year-old chef on its food issue — and Chef Amanda Cohen responded. (Eater)

Do you ever feel “so bad” when eating junk food? (Jezebel)

The most powerful families in the food biz. (Bon Appetit)

Jon Hamm got rejected on a dating show in the 90’s. I CAN”T. (Jezebel)

Inside chefs’ refrigerators. I want to hang out with Doug Quint and Bryan Petroff. (NY Times)

Gary Busey. (Mediaite)



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